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Thursday, November 2

They make me giggle!

Some of my dear friends at the Dallas law firm I used to work at have been giving me a hard time about all the media attention on Hubby's pink jail.

They're calling Mason "Pink Acres" and making snarmy comments about me loving the publicity. But I set 'em straight.

I told them that they needed to have their people contact MY people and there will be no interviews without an appearance fee. And how the ding-dang did they get my personal e-mail??!!!?!

The nerve of "little people."


Alan said...

It must be a rough life for you, dear. How is your driver handling the papparazi problem now? Or did you fire him and get a new one?

I tell you, people just don't understand the difficulties of your life.

jLow said...

Well, my current driver is 2.5 years old and he prefers to drive in the ditch so the paparazzi has difficulties getting any good shots of me. ;o)

Alan said...

You're always a step ahead, dear.

Eric said...

LOL Thanks I needed the chuckle too.

Lorraine said...

The masses. They just don't understand the price of celebrity. Peasants.