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Wednesday, August 30

Why does this BIG BUTT keep following me??

Okay - this is a solicitation that I am sending out to my "friends in fitness futility" regarding a diet issue. Here's the deal - I am a Dr. Pepper junky. I must have my fix every day - it has been through TREMENDOUS strength of will that I have cut myself down to only one every morning. This being down from a four or five fix a day habit.

I have found through personal experimentation (for some reason Hubby refuses to let me do diet experiments on him) that I am more successful at losing weight when I count calories and keep it at about 1,000 or less per day. The no carb thing doesn't work for me. I should be honest and point out that I have not actually tried the no carb thing but I'm a pasta and bread girl so, basically, it ain't gonna happen.

The question I would like to pose to you is this: Diet Dr. Pepper has 0 calories but it still has carbonated water in it. Is the carbonation in sodas also the enemy or just the calories? I have changed my morning DP to Diet DP so can I add another Diet DP to my day?

My happiness truly hinges on the outcome here.


Missy said...

The calories are the problem most definitely. I drink lemon lime flavored carbonated water to keep me from hitting the pop so frequently. The bubbles are what I crave out of soda, but it has no calories no sugar(not even fake sugar) or anything. Have you tried Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper? It is likely the caffeine that has got you hooked and that might help you keep 'er down to a minimum.
On the carb thing...I am leery of any diet that excludes a food group, because I don't think it is healthy and sets you up to fail. Cutting calories and exercise works every time. Good luck to you. It is tough. I do pretty well with the exercise part, but my overwhelming desire for all things sugary on top of being to drag ass tired too many evenings a week to stop myself from providing dinner from a bag gets in the way of serious weight loss. But at least I am getting in 30-45 minutes of exercise at least 5 times a week.

Lorraine said...

Okay, a) I can't help you because I am not a Pepper and 2) if I could figure out a way to divest myself of these last fracking 5 pounds I'd be shilling my "program" on QVC. But I sure appreciate you stopping by my blog and then, hey, what is that I spy over there? A link? Awesome! Good luck finding someone who can help on the soda front.