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Wednesday, September 6

Another one bites the dust.

Y'know, I get so little pleasure from television these days. I guess that's a good thing in the great scheme of things but a little sad. It foretells of the end of an era. Because, you see, I was a TV kid. Oh yeah, my parents tried to restrict my access to its effervescent siren song on a daily basis.

"Get outside and get some fresh air! You're turning grey for pete's sake!"

"Sit any closer to that tv and you'll go blind!"

"Hey look! Your brother got your mini bike out - some kid is getting on it!!"

All to no avail. I had to have my fix of the Mickey Mouse Club (the original 50s version). And who could think of completing mundane chores when Felix the Cat was up to his tricks with that magic bag?!! Then there was the afternoon staple of all 70s latchkey kids: The Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island. I know you feel me.

Wait . . . . where was I going with this?

Oh yeah . . . so my current choices for good quality time with my television are few to say the least. But yesterday I had myself all lathered up for the highly anticipated season premiere of Nip/Tuck. meh

Apparently the writers from seasons past are no longer with the show or they are still with the show but have already given us their best stuff. Is it just me or are the homosexual overtones between best friends Sean and Christian just a little too much? Not that I have any problem with gay relationships portrayed on tv. Will & Grace will always have a special place in my tv memory. But c'mon . . . for the past 3 years Sean and Christian have portrayed best friends who have been through some serious stuff together (even Christian siring a son with gullible Sean's wife). Do the writers of this show seriously expect us to buy that after a supposed 20+ year friendship, Christian all of a sudden figures out that he might have romantic feelings for Sean? Guess what people?!! Christian's "feelings" are not those of homosexuality - it's called INSECURITY!! This particular character has smacked of emotional insecurity from episode 1.

And what about Kimber? Where was she? And Matt? "He's in the garage" - that's all we get about him in the season premiere?

Oh and one more thing: I am so tired seeing these so-called professional females (detectives, psychologists, etc) continually turning around and lifting their skirts so Christian can have his doggy booty call. That is SO not believable. There's a little thing called ethics that almost all professionals have to adhere to if they don't want to lose their licenses and no good cop is going to jeopardize the integrity of an investigation for a quickie with Dr. Incompetent.

Looks like my short list of favorite shows just got shorter.

*sigh* just my opinion

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