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Monday, August 28

Setting the Record Straight

One of my beloved friends who reads my blog BUT DOES NOT BOTHER HERSELF TO COMMENT ON ANY OF MY POSTS (not mentioning any names Annette Trent) e-mailed me the other day and pointed out that I am quite the liar seeing as how I am a rabid, er, avid fan of ABC's "The Bachelor" series.

Okay, first off, if you don't comment on my posts then you gets NO INPUT. So there.

But since she brought up an item for discussion, I will graciously provide an explanation.

So far as I can tell, "The Bachelor" is NOT a reality show. Because do YOU know anyone who has met under the orchestrated circumstances as put forth by the Bachelor producers? Handsome, rich, educated, cultured, buff single but yet not gay bachelors and 25 attractive, intelligent, accomplished, no kids single women who all meet in candlelit mansions and travel in private jets to exotic locales. The premise is that the Bachelor is not desperate but is just having a hard meeting women of "quality" and the women are all equally lovely and mentally stable (of course, the token psycho is thrown in for added ratings) it is just hard for them to meet deserving men in their demanding professional lives.

Let's not kid ourselves here - this show is in it's ninth (?) season and they have yet to accomplish a successful pairing that has lasted longer than, what, 6 weeks?

Wait . . . that does sound kinda real, don't it?


The Girl in Black said...

I made it over here! Thanks for visiting my site.

And here's the link to the stiletto boots y'all were lusting! They're called Pepper... and the website picture doesn't do them justice, since I wouldn't wear them as a slouch, anyway. They are muey cute! Our store has them in black and metallic (chrome-bronzey).

Oh yeah, and BOGO goes 'til September 5. The next promotion is a boot walk.... so there will definitely be special pricing on boots. Good luck!


Lorraine said...

Wait, wait! Don't Trista and Ryan count? Not that I saw that series. I didn't get into the picture until Whatshername that didn't choose either guy, followed up by Charlie "My Brother is a B List Actor so What am I" O'Donnell and Dr. Whatshisname. You can tell I care. The Neighbor roped me in and frankly, I grow weary of the lack of hookup. And yet, a Monday evening making up drinking games ("A swig everytime someone says 'like'")...you could do worse.