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Thursday, May 25

Yo, jLo - check it!

Man, Jennifer Lopez's British fans are cracking me up! I sure would hate to hear what they would say if they weren't fans.

Apparently Ms. Lopez cancelled her appearance last night at a charity premiere in London of her new movie due to illness. But it doesn't sound like her so-called "fans" are feeling any love, or sympathy, for her:

"That thunder butt's off her feed," said Sheila Clarke, who had waited four hours in typically rotten British weather to get a glimpse of Lopez. "She owes her fans better than this. I've got a good mind to sue her arse, but that would take a team of lawyers."

"Backing out of the premier was not an easy decision for Jennifer," said her spokeswoman.

"Indeed," mocked The Sun, "backing out of any place is always a difficult maneuver for Lopez, who ought to consider putting rear view mirrors on her sunglasses."


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