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Friday, March 23

Can I Get a Re-Do on That?

Okay, okay.  I'm gonna eat a little crow here.  Hopefully it goes down a little easier with some refried beans and fajitas . . . .

I will say this for New York and the Jets . . . . what I'm seeing out on the internet . . . they are showing Tim some serious football fan love.

And that makes me smile.


Simply Suthern said...

I wouldn't rewarm the crow just yet. This is NY we're talkin about here. Buttttt... lets hope so.

jLow said...

I saw a photoshop pic of Tebow in a Jets uniform down on one knee in the middle of a den of lions. Seemed pretty appropro given the teammates he will be joining, Cromartie not being the least of them.

But I'm going to stay optimistic that Tim will be Tim and others will come 'round to at least treating him decently.

One can hope.