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Thursday, March 22

It's All Over

but the agony.

Tim is officially a Jet. There are few other things I can think of that would cause me such pain except maybe having my fingernails plucked out one by one with pliers or using lemon juice to rinse my contact lenses.

How do I reconcile my possibly inappropriate love of Tebow and my abhorrence of New York sports teams?

I'm not a drinker so I'm thinking dangerous amounts of chocolate and/or root beer may be involved.

And the results from a local poll in Denver gives me a little comfort too.


Simply Suthern said...

People loved him there. I'd like to see Elway traded now. Maybe for cotton candy vendor to be named later.

jLow said...

I'm with you, Simply.

And people can argue about Manning's impressive career until they're blue in the face. I. DON'T CARE.

Couldn't they think, for even one millisecond,that there might have been . . . JUST MIGHT HAVE BEEN . . . a little bit of magic going on with Tebow and his fellow Broncos? He DID play a role in them making it to the playoffs.

That's why no matter what anyone says about Manning, I will always believe that the BIGGEST part of this deal was motivated by Ellway's EGO. He knows that Mannnig will always be known as a Colt, at the end of the day.