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Monday, February 13

The Spaz

Lord knows I love my child.  He is the light o' my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

But . . . .

the kid is a freaking spaz sometimes.  I want to save him from a future of dateless dances and the untold number of "let's just be friends" conversations.  However, that is not for me to do.

We started carpooling this week with a couple of classmates who live nearby.  Seeing as how the school is 18 miles from our area, we country parents try to help each other out when we can.  Since I work full-time, one of the stay at home moms will be available to watch my kid during spring break and other non-school days.  It's a win-win.  Anyhoo, one of these classmates just happens to be a girl and she is in the 2nd grade too.  She is very cute and very sweet and the Bear is very smitten with her.

On the ride in to school this morning, I had to tell him to dial it down no less than three times.  When he is excited and/or overly happy, he completely spazzes out.  He talks too loud and sometimes says the silliest, off-topic comments.  He does karate moves IN his booster seat IN the back seat of the truck. Now that's just plain unsafe.

The classmates will not be riding home with us today due to their mom coming to the school to update paperwork this afternoon that lets everyone know I am allowed to pick them up in the afternoons from now on.  I'm going to take this private opportunity to have a few words with the Bear regarding exuberance control.

Who knows? Maybe I can help him with his future playah skrillz. 


Simply Suthern said...

LOL, I have a 4th grade girl much the same way.

My buddy was the spaz growing up and the girls loved him. But youre right. It was the lets be friends thing.

All and all guys are pretty much spaz's around girls anyway.

Oh by the way, it is a milling machine. I make various kind of metal parts with it for a couple clients. I was all excited about getting a post and spazzed out and left most of the information out.

See, we never never really grow out of it.

jLow said...

LMAO!! Simply, you totally made me laugh out loud and squirt grape juice out my nose! ;o)