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Thursday, February 16

Fear the Mullet!!

No. I'm serious.  There's a chance that there may be mullet in my future and not in a good way.

A couple of high school alumni and myself got together this weekend and decided that with our 30th (e-gads!) reunion coming up, we wanted to make it a good one.  BUT, our class is notoriously a low-show on the organized get togethers.  So we (the Co-Chairs, as we have dubbed ourselves) came up with the terrific idea of putting together a multi-class reunion to hopefully ratchet up the attendance numbers.  Thus the PDHS Classes of the 80s was created via our collective brain pans.

Great idea, huh??

Yeah, not so much.  Now Big Daddy is thinking he needs to grow his mullet back out in time for our "retro 80s prom."

You know my husband? Big of bone structure, small of head hair follicle ownership?  Yes. Yes.  He thinks a mullet a la Gallagher is something I've been desiring in my only amorous relationship.

This retro 80s class reunion prom idea ain't sounding so fun after all . . . .


Simply Suthern said...

I think they call that a Skullet.

My 35th is this year. I havent heard any rumors of a reunion yet. But then again I aint a "Co-Chair". LOL

jLow said...

Skullet? That's hilarious. Maybe if he realizes that a skullet doesn't garner the same respect that a full blown mullet does, he'll forget it.

And you can be a "co-chair" too. Just give yourself the title, like I did. Viola. You're it. ;o)