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Thursday, December 1

"Nobody likes change . . . " - Ross Geller

So I've decided to shake things up a little.  I've changed the name and the look of my blogspace. I have no idea why.

Maybe part of it is because I am no longer a city girl living in the country.  I lost my city manners long ago and a trip to a local courthouse today only enforced how not in the city we are out here. Somebody needs to send the "What Not to Wear" crew out here . . . .

But I'm not living in the city again either, we're kind of subrural.  And I'm feeling more like a country girl who drives a truck and rides 4wheelers and wears boots 5 days out of 7 . . . wait.

I am a country girl.

Hey somebody hold my beer . . . . y'all watch this!!


Simply Suthern said...

Aint nuttin wrong with being country. And if the city folk want to stay in the city? Hey it's better for us.

jLow said...

Agreed, Suthern. City folk, while occasionally entertaining, are for the most part a pain in the ass when they get out here. ;o)