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Tuesday, February 22

To Be or Not To Be: Mental

Maybe some of you can commiserate with me. Or maybe I'm the lucky one and none of you have the vaguest idea about what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about kRaZy people.  Apparently I have received more than my quota and I would like to return a couple, thankyouverymuch.

I will be honest though.  For the most part, I can control the amount of kRaZy within my vicinity by simply limiting its access to me, my family, and our telephone numbers.  But there's always some kRaZy that slips through due to the sheer level of kRaZy involved.

I am related to kRaZy by marriage so . . . unless I am feeling like Big Daddy's usefulness has run out, I'm pretty much stuck with it.  If we're not putting out one psychological fire, we're putting out another.  And it is constant maintenance on relationships that kRaZy habitually gnaws on like old bleached out bones.  There is never a shortage of flammable material when kRaZy's around because if nothing is there, kRaZy just makes it up! Fun for all.

But there is an upside.  Whenever kRaZy doesn't elicit any kind of response . . . I know there is misery at kRaZy's house. And kRaZy isn't smart enough to do the math.

ooh . . . . look! More kRaZy heading this way!


Simply Suthern said...

I married into crazy as well. Amazing how clueless they are that they are.

jLow said...

Y'know, Suthern, I think it wouldn't be so bad if it just stayed at her house but she has to send it out to everybody via telephone, email, facebook, strangers on the street. She self-medicates so that makes US the crazy ones according to her. ugh