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Wednesday, February 2

Finally! Some Cold Weather I Can Get On Board With!

We hit 14° last night and so far today we are sitting at a balmy 21°.


I just wish it had some snow with it.  I loves me a couple of feet of frozen precipitation.  My truck on the other hand.  Not so much.  I left work yesterday and cranked it up.  I knew it was close to 19° or 20° so when the digital thermostat registered 25° I figured it would drop once the truck had been running for a few minutes.


Twenty minutes to get home and it stayed right there at 25°.  Apparently the truck was protesting the cold weather and was not going to register one more single degree.

But after a nice cozy night in the garage, the truck stat showed 17° this morning on the way in.  I'm still wearing my gloves as I type this post.  ;o)

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