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Saturday, January 29

Intolerant Much?

I find myself amused much of the time and without comprehension some of the time.

Even though I am relatively conservative, I still have a healthy respect for the old motto "Live and let live."  Which, for some odd reason, radical liberals tend to think they OWN that motto and the rest of us are barred from using.

I hop around and visit many blogs, most of which are authored by progressive/liberal type individuals.  Why do I do this?  Because they are funny, intelligent, and most times lovely people.  I some times comment on their blogs and it comes as no surprise that more than once we have the "let's agree to disagree" exchange.  I don't comment on their blogs to criticize or elicit an argument or war of words, I just comment because the subject is interesting and, OH MY GAWD, I have an opinion to share.

But along with this blog-traveling comes the inevitable frothing at the mouth rabid anti-conservative person who sees it as their one purpose in life to rant about me and my beliefs as if what they say will have any bearing whatsoever on my life or my views.  Sometimes the outright hatred for me by someone who has never even met me is just straight up incomprehensible.

I'm kinda feeling like Sarah Palin.  Millions of people who have never met her hate her guts.  All she did was have a different opinion.

Go figure.

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