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Friday, January 28

Flashback: Trent Willmon @ Blue Duck's Ice House

Big plans for the weekend - we are heading to Dallas to see Trent Willmon at Gilley's. Now, we wouldn't be making this trip if things hadn't gone bad the last time we went to see Trent in Llano.

I made the mistake of inviting Ragina and Tammy to join us. At first, things were going good just enjoying the opening act, some cold beverages, and chips with some killer chipotle salsa.

Then things start heading south when Trent comes in. First of all, some idiot sent him into the bar on a horse without rubber shoes. Poor horse was slippin and slidin all over the floor. Once they got the horse up and out, we started commencin to continue to have a good time. After I blubbered to about eight different people "why ain't he wearin' rubber shoes?!!" - - it was obvious that I had reached my limit.

But wait. It gets better. Tammy comes up with the great idea to go drink something out of the trunk of her car. If my brain had been working anywhere near half capacity I would have told her she crazy. But nooooooooooo, she pops the trunk and I'm saying, "Gimme!"

I'm not entirely sure what gorilla piss tastes like but I bet cash money it tastes something like what she had in the trunk of her car.

Needless to say, I got belligerent and obnoxious so my wonderful husband loaded me up and hauled my butt home. Here's where I apologize to him for the verbal assault he took for 34 miles. I love you honey. It won't happen again.

Tammy, he says I can't hang out wit you NO MO.

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