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Monday, January 3

The Bachelor 2011: Brad is BACK!

Alas, we find ourselves on the precipice of yet another installment of "The Bachelor."  (happy squeal!)  Just kidding.

I have to first admit that I have not kept up with every single Bachelor/Bachelorette series since they started broadcasting this all-humiliation showcase.  I have just caught enough factoids (similar to hemorroids only less useful) to engage in the trading of smart-alecky comments with others like myself who only watch for the plethora of good comedic material.

Okay, with all that blah blah blah being said, let's dive into "THE BACHELOR: BRAD IS BACK!"

I've decided that I'm going to try to watch as much as possible so that I can fully appreciate the trainwreck that is "The Bachelor." Also, Brad bellying up for a second helping is in and of itself a pretty good punchline.  AND he's gonna have a stable of not 25, but count 'em! 30 lovely I'm-not-here-just-for-15-seconds-of-infamy-but-honestly-looking-for-true-love ladies. AND they're adding a couple more episodes because there is just so much drama and heartwrenching . . . okay, okay, they need the extra episodes due to the added number of women and everybody needs to get their hot tub shots.

So.  Let's sit back and experience Brad getting his romance on. Again.

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