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Monday, April 12

Do the math, you morons!!!

Here is a prime example of WHY the US Postal Service is going broke and its employees are going to be getting pink slips by the dozens.

I work in an "unincorporated" town . . . what bearing this has on the federal postal service, I have no idea but the postal employees credit that fact with their idiotic policy about which I am going to gripe.

My employer has a post office box at the local post office.  I picked up the mail today to see a notice of postal box fee due and owing.  I went to the counter and asked if the fee is waived because our office is not serviced by a postal delivery person.

The answer? No.

Okay. So not only do they NOT delivery our mail to our address which in turn requires us to have apost office box but they are FORCING us to pay the box rental fee.

No wonder UPS and FedEx are kicking the USPS out of business. The USPS sucks.

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