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Tuesday, December 25

preparing for New Beginnings

What a wonderful Christmas it has been! After attending candlelight Christmas Eve services last evening, we awoke at 6:30 this a.m. to see what the Good Sir Claus left' neath our tree. Too many little boy delights to list but I know a certain young man who will literally collapse tonight at bedtime. And a Daddy, too!

Having gotten better prepared for the holidays than last year. this long Christmas weekend has found me mentally listing all the things I want to implement with the New Year. Better blogging being one of them. I'm also going to be out here lurking around catching up on all of you!

I am going to start carving out more time for myself to do something that has always been so very vital to my happiness: reading. I did not get much time nor opportunity to read anything this past year but I am already working on rectifying that. I have been picking up every book that looks like it might be even remotely interesting. I have even come across some intriguing new (to me) authors; Tess Gerritsen being one of them. "The Bone Garden" was my Thanksgiving read and I HIGHLY recommend it.

I am also going to better structure my business time. This first 8 months on the new job has been insanity to say the least and overwhelmingly satisfying to say the most. The company has passed through the painful growth and transitional phase and we are all armed and ready to really go gangbusters this year.

Although my husband's campaign is truly and officially begun, I am going to work hard at not making the extraneous issues of running for office derail our jobs, our son's schedule, or our life as a family. I picked up a few lessons from the first time around and my skin is definitely thicker for it. Bring it on, morons! Intelligent, responsible voters will do what needs to be done while the rest of them talk out of their . . . Anyways, we're ready to get this deal done so he can keep doing the job they elected him to do. (Quite frankly, as a taxpayer, it bothers me that an elected official has to spend almost an entire year of his term dealing with the retention of his job rather than being left to focus 100% on what we elected him to do in the first place. Maybe that's just me.)

Merry Christmas!!!

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