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Monday, December 24


I'm here! I'm here! I cannot believe it has been since August since I last posted. That's simply too long. I will make a resolution right now that I will post and visit at least once a week. That's do-able. Even with my hectic got-too-many-things-on-my-plate life.

I won't go into the gorey details of what has been happening out here in this post but I will catch up soon.

This post is dedicated to wishing everyone the most blessed Christmas season. I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy and not wanting for anything. As we were praying in church yesterday, I found myself not praying FOR anything as much as thanking the Lord for everything. My family has been so tremendously blessed and I am grateful for being tired at night, feeling like I've eaten too much, paying the mortgage and electric bill, and all those things that remind me that I have need of nothing.

May you also find yourself saying "Thanks" to our Heavenly Father for the incredible gift He has already given us and for the redemption that comes with that gift.

Merry Christmas from Mason, Texas!

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