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Wednesday, May 9


Crikey! Has it really been almost three weeks since I last posted? Totally not acceptable. Seriously. This new job is interfering with my Blogger time and that just ain't gonna work no mo'.

The new job is going really great. I had a couple of bumpy first weeks and I think it was more from the company's tremendous growth that I came in on more than a lack of ability on my part. It wasn't until my third week that I (and even my boss) had a clear comprehension of what my job duties and responsibilities would be. And even now into my sixth week, my job description is still evolving. But that is a good thing.

And since the new job is not with the CIA, I can tell you a little bit about it. I am the new (not improved, just new) Human Resources Administrator for a local land services company. We have two offices in Texas with the Mason office being the headquarters. We are in the early planning stages for our third office. Now, you might be saying, "Who knew surveying was such a boomin' bidness?" Well, hey. I had no idea either. But we do more than that - we are also into the geophysical-engineering part of land services also. One of our biggest clients is an energy corporation.

With that being said, my duties include advertising and hiring needed personnel for both offices (no small feat since our second office is four hours away). I also take care of the multiple administrative type issues. We are needing significant interior construction for additional offices and conference rooms and the such so I will be working with contractors to get bids and eventually get the work done. We are planning a big "appreciation" event for our biggest client in June so I am knee deep in party planning - WHICH I LOVE, by the way! I am - without the designated title - the right hand person to our Operations Director so she keeps me very busy with all the various and sundry minute detail work of actually running the day to day operations of the business. In between all that I field phone call after phone call responses to the numerous newspaper and internet employment ads we have posted to fill personnel needs. And each phone call generates some type of task on my part whether it is sending an application via email, postal mail or fax. One of my top priorities is entering daily billable time from our researchers, draftsman, and field crews which in turn generates invoices to the clients. And I haven't even told you about the multiple spreadsheet reports I keep updated on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis.

But still. I need to make time for Blogging, mustn't I?

I hope all is well with everyone. I extend my sincerest apologies for my lack of interaction in our wonderful little Blogging community. I am hopeful that once I get my daily duties into a less chaotic rhythm I will be able to be more participatory again with you all. I have an overwhelming amount of Blogs to catch up on!!

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Lorraine said...

I'm so glad the new job is going so well but I'm even more glad that you've realized the importance of making time to blog. We can't lose you, dear!