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Thursday, April 19

Still Kickin!

Man! Has it really been two whole weeks since I lasted posted? WOW! Time really does fly when you're living in the middle of a tornado!

The new job? eh - let's just say it's there for now. More dish on that later.

The old job? Still hanging on to me. My replacement is not as qualified as my former employers led me to believe. In the first two weeks of April I put in 80 hours at the new job while putting in 26 hours at the old job. And the former employer expects me to put in more time this week with the new girl. Uh uh. Ain't gonna happen.

All is well with the family. Apparently my 3 year old son is quite smitten with one of my new co-workers. Can you believe he would rather come by and see her than rush home to ride on his brand new battery powered John Deere tractor??!!!?? Hubby and I are completely befuddled by this. She gave him some cash the other day. The boy already knows how to work it.

Gotta go. More later!

Hugs to all!

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Lorraine said...

They have to hire somebody. Geez, girl, 80 hours when you already have another job and a family? Not good. Hang in there.