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Wednesday, December 27


It was bound to happen. I should have seen it coming. But I had gotten so sloppy and careless. I should not have been surprised but surprise is still the emotion I felt when it all happened. When the walls came tumbling down and I had to face the harsh ugly truth:

I'm an addict.

It had gotten to where I would get so euphorious that I couldn't see through the haze - the sprinkles of powder on my clothes. Or maybe it was the tell-tale residue on my upper lip. It could have been my unusually high energy at 6:30 in the evening. That's not normal for any middle-aged woman. Especially one with a 2 year old. Ahhh, the idiocy and lack of functioning brain matter of an addict.

Damn ye to hell, sugar donuts! DAMN YE TO HELL!!!!


Cop the Truth said...

We could start a support group: Donut Free America! I'll pick up some Krispy Kreme for the meeting! ;o)

Grish said...