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Wednesday, December 27

Back to Regular Scheduled Programming

I don't know about the rest of you but I am glad to have my butt back in my office chair at my office computer doing my every day job (okay, after I finish this post).

I love the holidays and sharing the true meaning of the season with my family and friends and enjoying all the festivities that go with it - - but quite frankly, I'm pooped.

I just had four and a half days off from work and now I'm at work actually relaxing for the first time since last Wednesday.

Once I get all the photos downloaded from the camera, I'll create a photo-post of the Bear's very wonderful third Christmas.

Hope all of you had happy Christmases, too!


Michael-From-The-Future said...

Hello again JLOW : )

I had just commented on your last post when a NEW ONE appeared!

So I figured I may as well comment on this one while I'm here : )

I do agree with you, the holidays are WONDERFUL but can be tiring. It's nice for me to come back home to a quiet house and relax *

Take Care!


jLow said...

Hey MFTF - Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my little corner of Blogopia!