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Tuesday, November 28

Yeah . . . but is it really THAT funny?

Here's a picture for you. It pretty much sums up my real concern about our immigration problem.

Something has got to be done to get it under control and for crying out loud, this political correctness thing has gotten to the point of being ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!

If immigrants don't want to assimilate into American society and learn English to the degree necessary (the above photo represents the necessary degree NOT being met), then they should head back home.

There are certain responsibilities that come with living in America (notice I didn't say being an American citizen - that would indicate that all immigrants are coming here legally). The first being accountable for yourself and your actions. We have laws in America - if you're not going to obey the law of not coming here illegally, at least obey the rest of the laws. I find it atrocious that an illegal person can commit a heinous crime (murder being the most popular offense) in the US and not be held accountable for it. The worst he can get is deported. Wha- - ???!!! There's something SERIOUSLY wrong with the system if a murderer only gets deported. If you come here, you live by the rules or you suffer the consequences of breaking those rules. In Texas, we kill murderers. Works for me.

The second being assimilating into American culture. If you choose to speak your native tongue at home with family and friends, no problem. But out in American society, speak English. If you don't know English when you get here, then make it a priority to learn it. I have a real problem with American education standards being lowered to make it easier for non-English speaking students to advance. Bull-hockey! LEARN THE LANGUAGE!!

The third being personal and religious tolerance. Americans are by and far pretty tolerant when it comes to differences. I think that was part of the whole "getting away from the strict monarchy conformity" thing back a couple of hundred years ago. I'm a Republican Christian who likes to wear boots and jeans and listen to rock music and eat sushi. If you're a Chinese Buddhist and you prefer reggae music and tacos, then you're in the right place. But don't get pissed off at me because I don't like reggae. The people who come to America and then try to force their ways and beliefs on the rest of us are the ones who should be sent packing back to where they came from. You stay out of my church and I'll stay out of your mosque. It's called TOLERANCE and if you didn't have it where you were, you better get it when you get here.

I'm not writing this post to offend people. I'm writing it because it is my opinion and praise God that we live in a country where we are free to express ourselves without fear of punishment. It's what should motivate us to exchange different ideas and hopefully, together come up with solutions to the problems that are chipping away at our foundation as a productive society.

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