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Monday, November 27

I loves me some Christmas!!

The Christmas season is my favorite time of the year. I love cold weather and snuggling in front of a fireplace, either with my Hubby or a good book. Or both. But most times if he's in the vicinity, ain't no reading going on!

Ahem . . . pardon.

Back to Christmas!! I love it! I love decorating and baking and shopping for the kids (the Bear and all his cousins and some close friends who happen to be small). Since we're out here in the sticks (meaning 2 hours away from any decent malls), I do most of my Christmas shopping online so I miss the majority of the hectic headaches that come along with the holidays. About the most aggravation I suffer from would be something being out of stock. So dealing with the gift shopping is something that is fun for me - just surfing the net for the perfect something for someone. But most of the gifts we give are of the "they need it or really want it" variety. I refuse to give a "whatever" gift just for the sake of handing a wrapped package to someone. That's worse than not giving them anything at all.

Right now, the priority on the shopping list are the 3 big things for the Bear. Two of which are coming from Santa Claus. Mommy and Daddy are only going to get props for one. The big ones are:

A John Deere tricycle!!! And this bad boy has inflated rubber TIRES!! No more slick action on the grassy knoll in front of the casa. The Bear is going to be tearing up some serious sod with this mean green riding machine!

Okay, in an effort to maintain my honesty obligation, this little beauty is more for Daddy than for the Bear but since it has cars that go fast, the Bear will still get have fun with it. Even more so since Daddy will be sure it is in operation at all times.

Now I'm off to find some holiday music for your listening pleasure. I really want Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song" but I'm not having much luck.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Like always, I waddled around for a couple of days afterward but a brisk walk through The Parks Mall worked it off. (Or maybe it was the pushing and shoving, on my part, that worked it off.)



Alan said...

I want a John Deere tricycle! That is soooooo cool.

Eric said...

I want the race car set. I never got one when I was a kid and it is one of my great dissapointments. Sorry the gravity fed hotwheels just did not cut it.