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Friday, November 17

Whatcha gonna do with a Cowboy?

I can see you got your eye on this old cowboy,
and I can tell you've never had one for your own,
or you've never been around one,
Now you're thinkin that you've found one,
well it might be kinda fun to take him home.
You giggle every time that I say "yes, ma'am"
and I get this feelin if I held you tight,
you'd be seein his and hers
buckles, boots and spurs,
but that's a feelin you'll get over overnight.
Cause whatcha gonna do with a cowboy
when that old rooster crows at dawn,
when he's lyin there instead
of gettin outta bed
and puttin on his boots and gettin gone?
Whatcha gonna do when he says "Honey,
I've gotta half a mind to stay?"
Whatcha gonna do with a cowboy
when he don't saddle up and ride away?
You can see it takes a special kinda woman
to put up with the life a cowboy leads.
Cause his boots are always muddy
and his beer drinkin buddies
will camp out on your couch and never leave.
Don't even start to think you're gonna change him.
You'd be better off to try and rope the wind.
Whatcha see is what he's got,
and he can't be what he's not,
And honey, you can't hide him from your friends.
- - Chris LeDoux


Alan said...

What a great post.

Lorraine said...

Well, if the cowboy is that cute you pinch his cheeks and kiss the top of his head and then, I think, you spin him around by the ankles. Adorable.