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Thursday, November 16

Is it just me?

Yesterday morning while the whole family was getting ready to start the day, the local television news station was on. Our closest local station is Austin which is about 100 miles away so it's not really local for us but what the heck.

During the newscast they showed live footage from a new IKEA store that was opening later in the morning. Here's where my aggravation came in. There were families (of which there were children present) that had obviously camped out in their tents and sleeping bags and whatnot to await the opening of the store.

CHILDREN? Sleeping in a tent outside a retail store on a week night to wait for said store's grand opening?

There are so many things WRONG with this that I am having a hard time knowing where to start.

I'll start with the kids and the school night. Where in the feeble minds of these parents do they think this is a good idea? Skipping school to go to a store opening is beyond irresponsible. Not only was the week night schedule screwed (which, who am I kidding? These moron parents probably let their kids raise themselves so there is no "schedule" to adhere to), but the kids are getting the really sorry idea that this is how they are supposed to prioritize things in their lives. School or be first in line for the new Playstation? Crap! Skrew skule!!

You know, I know how every parent raises their kid is their own damn business but it is looking more and more to me that there is a significant number of dumbasses out there who should absolutely not procreate. And odds are, their kids are going to be the trouble makers who are disruptive in class and take away from the other children who are actually in school to learn and whose parents are trying to honestly do a good job of raising their children despite probably having both parents in the workforce.

eh . . . maybe it's just me after all.


gina said...

Hey, your blog looks fine to me. Email me... gina@ebcl.lib.id.us

gina said...

And I agree with you 100% on this post. And those kids? They come into MY library and create all sorts of problems. (sigh)

Lorraine said...

Geez. I mean, I would do quite a lot to get me a plate of Ikea's meatballs with lingonberry sauce but this is ridiculous. It is just an Ikea. It's not like it's Restoration Hardware or something.

Quick, Cletus, we gots to git down to the new Ikea store a for them bags o' tee lites git all sold up!

Eric said...

Yeah I agree it is down right criminal. To Quote Keaneau Reeve's character in Parenthood, "You need a license to drive a car but any damn fool can make a kid."
And in today's news A guy was shot while waiting in line to get his new PS3 outside a walmart. Two punks thought it would be a good place to pull an armed robbery. And they got away.
Finally, Gina word of advice. You should obfuscate your email so that email sniffing bots dont pick it up and start spamming you. spell At and Dot rather than @ and ..