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Tuesday, November 21

Tightee Whitee Spidees

Some of you are aware that there is a 2.5 year old boy living in my house. And, being 2.5 we are of course knee deep in the potty training phase. I laugh about this because let me tell you, it actually keeps me from crying. And I don't cry because he's growing up. I cry because of the inordinate amount of poop I have to deal with every flipping day! Changing diapers is SOOOOOO much easier than scraping - - - never mind.

Anyhoo, in an effort to encourage a quick transition from diaper-wearing toddler to big boy underpants, we have employed the following goods for bribery:

(1) Mega M&Ms: THEY ROCK!

And the Bear will do just about anything to get his paws on some Mega Emma Emmas. Anything just short of actually pooping in the potty. Oh, we've hit it a couple of times and you'd think the insane clapping and dancing that Daddy and I do would get him firmly on the road to hitting it every time. No such luck. Cause a guy has things to tend to, you know, like cars and trucks and bugs and stuff. No time to stop and use the potty. Just pause for a moment and, there! Job done in pants. Mom can take care of it later! ARRRRGHHH

(2) Spider Man Underpants: I know, we pulled out the big guns.

Because if forced to choose between diaper-like training pants or Spidees, the Bear goes for the Spidees every time. Oh, there's been the threat of "no more Spidees if you poop in them again" but apparently he called our bluff because he knows we want him to wear the Spidees maybe more than he does. And the Bear loves him some Spidees. He'll drop trou for anybody willing to stop long enough and take a peak. He ain't shy. "Wanna see my Spidah Man pants?" Drop the drawers down to the knees and push out tushy - - gotta get a good look. Oh good Lord. I'm almost dreading the trip to the Arlington mall on Friday to see Santa Claus. Indecent exposure, here we come!

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Lorraine said...

Well, the good news is (as I told myself over and over in those days), the child will not leave for college still pooping in his pants. The dropping trou thing, though? No promises there.