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Tuesday, November 21

License to Grille

I just got back from the post office which is about 6 blocks from here. Our little town doesn't have any traffic lights. We have one major intersection on the square and it is a 4-way stop. Needless to say, traffic shouldn't be too hazardous from here to the post office. You'd think.

So I'm driving behind this guy who is going too slow for my right foot but I stay off his bumper. The cops in this town'll give me a ticket for anything. (har har har) But this guy in front of me looks like he is on his way to the post office too so I just cool my jets and plod along behind him. Well, he obviously decided that an earlier turn off was what he wanted so he turns on his blinker to turn right and moves like he is going on to the shoulder (which is actually more of an outside lane). But instead of keepin 'er straight, he swings it out w--i--d--e to the left and then turns to the right. Of course I made my move to pass him when he drifted on to the shoulder/right lane. I guarantee the old poot almost got me but I headed to the left as soon as I saw him swing out. whew!!

But dadgum! I don't swing out that wide even when I'm hauling a stock trailer!

I hate it when people do that!

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Lorraine said...

Me too. Where's a cop when you need one? (tee)