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Friday, September 29

Political Clarification

Some of my favorite blogs (mine included) tend to post political subject matter once in a while. All of it very interesting reading. I rarely dismiss these kind of postings in search of lighter, fluffier fare.

Rightly or wrongly, in the past I have posted my own quasi-informed political jibberish. And I know I have not projected a clear picture of my political leanings. It bothers me that someone (even a stranger) would jump to the wrong conclusions as to where my heart is at regarding this particular topic.

- I am a registered Republican voter.

- I am sadly disappointed in the current administration. That goes for our Governor, too.

- I believe that terrorists will do whatever it takes to achieve their goal - they see it as their duty to rid the earth of us "infidels."

- I believe that our Constitution has been and is being dismantled not only by politicians but by American citizens as well. Democrats and Republicans are both guilty of this.

- I am a liberal conservative. I believe that gay couples should be entitled to the same miseries and benefits as straight couples. I don't give a rat's rump whether someone's "companion" (or whatever) receives insurance benefits or anything else. If someone is entitled to it for themselves and their family, they should be free to choose who they deem "family" if they are paying the premiums.

- Miss Black America and Disney World GLAD Day (and the like) piss me off. I thought the whole idea was everybody gets treated equally. Because we all know how well anything strictly for "white folk only" would go over. So long as particular "groups" are allowed to be exclusive of someone, then we have achieved equality for no one.

- I work every day to be a good person and to be strong in my faith. That doesn't make me better or worse than anyone else. The world's problems aren't about me, it's all about us.

- It doesn't bother me that I have to get non-prescription cold medicine from the pharmacist. I'm not doing anything illegal with it so if this protocol is helpful in keeping meth cooks from getting their product created, fine by me.

- I enjoy political discussions with people who have other views (and party affiliations) so long as the conversation is sane and reasonable. I refuse to engage in discussions with people who won't shut up until they are convinced that I "see it their way."

- I see my right to vote as a privilege and an honor and I USE IT! (FYI to all you old buggers in Mason County - my husband is ONE man. He should not have to knock on every single door to get votes. We spend a lot of our own limited personal funds to pay for newspaper, billboard, and radio advertising informing voters about my husband, his qualifications and his stance on given matters pertaining to the office of Sheriff. A candidate should not get your vote because they knocked on your door and the other guy didn't. Casting your vote is a privilege and it is your DUTY to make yourself knowledgeable about each candidate and what they stand for. Any less effort from you makes you a poor voter so stay home and out of the way of more responsible and informed voters.)

My soapbox is being put away now. Thanks for your patience in listening.

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Lorraine said...

"You go, girl!" said Jlow's semi-liberal Democrat blogging buddy.