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Wednesday, May 3

No means *&#@^! NO!!!

The satellite company called me last night. Trying to hawk some movie channel package for only 12 extra bucks a month. Now I'm not disputing that $12 is a good buy if you are a movie fiend and have no social life outside of your own living room. Plus, it is definitely a good buy if you are a fan of all the old s**t movies they play on these "premium" channels. Oh, let's see. The last time they had a free preview weekend, I think they showed "Dead Poets Society" like 27 times and "VisionQuest" 43 times. You'd think they would show the best movies they had on the shelf for the free preview weekend. The free preview weekends are what convince me (every time) that I made a smart choice to NOT have the "premium" movie channels.

Anyhoo, this satellite company sales flunky asked me if I would just "verify the account" and they'd get those movie channels started. I politely told him, "No thank you. We're happy with what we've got."

Then he started in on me about "well, you can get 2 movie channels for only $5 a month" and just "verify the account" to get the 2 movie channels activated. Again, I politely told him, "No thank you. We've actually seen the free preview weekends and we know we are not interested in the movies that are shown. We're happy with the channels we currently have."

Then, again, he tried to get me to sign up for the Secure Account plan which would pay my bill if anything catastrophic befell me like serious injury, unemployment, tsunami, etc. All I had to do was "verify the account" blah blah blah. I politely told him, AGAIN, that I was not interested.

THEN he attempted to sell a subscription to their program guide for $2.99 a month and all I had to do was "verify the account." I politely told him that we were satisfied simply using the guide out of our Sunday newspaper - "but thank you anyway."

As he obviously began to try to sign me up for something else, I finally gave up the polite act. It apparently was not being effective. "Look, please don't make me get rude with you. I have already told you four times that I am not interested in anything you are selling. I'm perfectly happy with the service that I currently have with your company. If you want to keep me as a customer you'll say, 'Thank you for your time. Good night' right now!"

"Thank you for your time, ma'am. Have a good evening."

geeez Loooooo-uise! I hate it when other people force me into being the bitch!

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