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Wednesday, April 5


Although I don't know how successful I will be, I am going to try to clean up my language a bit. (I am a church secretary, after all!) The reason being that it has been pointed out to me that I say "crap" a lot. Apparently "crap" is offensive to some people (okay, one biddy that I work with) so I will take the requesite steps to remove "crap" from my (office) vocabulary. I guess if I really wanted to offend her I could call "crap" what "crap" really is - butt (and a BIG one) I'm a lady.

Soooooo, what to replace "crap" with? That question was answered last night by my (soon to be) 2 year old son. After his bath, I was drying him off and of course, after a splashing good time in the tub, his nose was attempting to self-evacuate. So I wiped his nose which only encouraged the self-evacuation to become a full-blown snotty mess on the flimsy tissue and my fingers. Well, I figured, I'm elbow deep into it, I may as well finish it. So I just picked his nose myself which resulted in him screaming bloody murder. Tears and everything. Finally I got the offending nose evacuee on my finger and showed it to him, "Look at that big green nasty booger! You don't want that in your nose! Shoo-ey booger!"

Okay, I have no idea why kids pick the things they do to get tickled about but my son giggled gleefully every time I said "booger."

So I said it a LOT. "Booger booger booger booger!"

Gales of hiccupping toddler laughter ensued.

So there you have it. My new word: BOOGER.

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