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Thursday, March 16

and the purpose would be . . . ???

Okay, so I'm gleefully blog-jogging along earlier today, enjoying the creative (and not so creative) writings and musings of my FBs (Fellow Bloggers) when ERRRRK! I come to one of those irritating-as-crap blogs that has removed the little ">>>Next Blog" button from the top right corner. If you're a blog-jogger like myself, you don't want to search for interesting blogs, you just want to click around and stop at the ones that catch your eye, you bookmark the ones that you feel worthy of the designation, and continue on your blogging journey for even more stimulating blogs (that you even share with family and friends). (By the by, the ERRRRK! above is representative of screeching tires coming to a stop. Hubby and I, in the distant past, engaged in a very heated debate over whether it was ERRRRRK or ERRRRRT. Y'know, come to think of it, I don't think we ever resolve that one. Hmmm, maybe topic for dinner conversation this evening?)

Oh whatever . . . . I digress.

So I was becoming more and more frustrated with these inconsiderate blog hogs who remove the ">>Next Blog" button from their blog pages when, viola! I inadvertently stumbled across a very helpful FB's blog that told me exactly how to "Flag" (report 'em to the Blog Authorities) blogs that remove the navigation bar. Yeeeeee-HAW! So far this afternoon I have reported no less than 17 blogs for said violation.

Take DAT!

1 comment:

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

I agree 100% -- it's completely rude to remove that navigation bar.

Enjoyed your blog (esp. the car salesman post, above. I HATE car salesmen!!!!).