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Tuesday, March 13

John Elway is DOUCHE

I'll be the first to admit that I'm no football genius.  I know enough about the game and players to enjoy it and spend some of my hard earned dollars buying the NFL's overpriced licensed sh*t.

But the situation in Denver with John Elway and Coach Fox and Peyton Manning has me straight up pissed off.

Okay, okay, so Tim Tebow isn't the highest caliber quarterback in the NFL. We all know and acknowledge that.  Tim himself would readily agree with that. But wait a minute! What's that you say? Yes, yes, you make a good point!

NOBODY was the "best" quarterback in their 2nd year in the NFL.  Certainly nobody was ever considered the best quarterback in the NFL after their first 8 games actually ON THE FIELD.

John Elway's ego is splattering its crap all over this deal.  He can NOT stand the fact that Denver Bronco fans (which, let's do some math here . . . there's a whole NEW generation of fans in the bleachers who never even saw Elway play) have some serious love for their crazy popular, inconsistent new quarterback.  Elway doesn't want ANYONE to be successful in Denver and that is the straight up truth.  I hope while he was hanging out with King Douche, Peyton saw what kind of person Elway really is and I hope he saw his future with Denver bright and clear: Elway condescending to Peyton, undermining Peyton's leadership on the field, basically putting it in Peyton's face that it will be Elway's way or nothing.

I think Peyton is a tremendous quarterback.  I also think his day in the sun is done.  Considering his neck repairs, I just want the guy to walk off the field under his own power without crutches or a walker or a wheelchair.  I would hope that he would like to be as healthy as possible and go out on top.  He's still relatively "young" out here in the real world.  He's stinking rich.  He needs to enjoy his good health and his family.  I have serious concerns that he is going to set himself up for a debilitating injury that will decrease his quality of life off the field.  It's disappointing to see him looking so hard for a new team.

At the end of the day, I want Tim Tebow to be happy. He deserves to be with a team that WANTS him and sees the investment of helping him evolve into a great quarterback is worth the time and effort.

AND I see a Super Bowl ring in Tim's future.  But maybe not one in Elway's.


Simply Suthern said...

Never watched Denver till Tebow. Is amazing how polarizing he is. People hate success from nice folk.

I love Peyton too. He has always been a class act. I hope he doesnt go to Denver but I dont think he can work for Elway anyway.

I also cant see Tebow staying there. I wouldnt with the GM not believing in you week to week.

Would love to see Tebow with a ring.

jLow said...

Simply, you hit it right on the head: People hate success from nice folk.

And while I was excited about being a newly minted Broncos fan, I agree with you that it will be hard for Tebow to stay in Denver when the ones in charge have not even TRIED to hide their lack of support for him. I hope the front office's complete lack of "team" is not how the actual players see it. I hope the Broncos players are disgusted with how management is behaving.

I'm still optimistic for a great training camp with Tim and maybe an epiphany for Ellway and all those idiots that follow him around with their noses up his a$$. They would deserve to eat their words and actions smothered in dog crap.

Can you tell I'm upset?? lol ;o)

Simply Suthern said...

Come on now. Tell us how you really feel.

Simply Suthern said...

Well, It is obvious that Elway and no one in the Manning family read your Blog.

I didnt think it was possible especially since SF entered the picture. Oh well. I will prolly pull for wherever Tebow goes and whoever is playing Denver.

Well actually I will pull for the Carolina first.

jLow said...

Hearing a lil buzz that Belichick might be interested in Tim. That would comfort me some . . . I'm a longtime Patriots fan. Actually I was a Bledsoe fan and just continued to hang around after he left.

And while I don't want anything bad to happen to Manning, I hope Denver has a sucky ass season so everybody can see that just ONE guy doesn't make or break a Super Bowl opportunity. I think Peyton and his fans have an overblown idea of how much he can accomplish just by walking in the door.

One article I read said that while Peyton might have a couple to three good seasons (if that) left in his 36 year old 4-times surgically repaired body, Tim Tebow is young and strong and chances are good that his future will bite Denver and Ellway right in the ass one of these days.

I hope that's true.

Simply Suthern said...

Oh My, I love me some Tebow but I dont think I can bring myself to pull for the Jets. It kinda makes me wanna hurl.

jLow said...

Jets!?!!?!? I have no words. :o(