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Friday, March 18

Gettin it for FREE!! Yay Me!

You can count me among the technologically challenged who could not care less about the iPhone or the Kinect gaming system and all that other hoo-ha.

I use my cell phone for, SURPRISE!, phone calls. A lot of times I must resort to texting since the majority of my family/friends/enemies would really rather not actually speak on the phone.

Big Daddy, on the hand, is counting down the days until his current crap phone (brand new Crackberry) is due for it's annual upgrade so that he can get his sweaty paws on the newest fastest most awesomest iPhone. Of course, at this time we have no idea which iPhone it will be seeing as how a new one comes out on the market every Tuesday. But he doesn't care . . . . he's just anxiously awaiting October 11th.  D-Day. Discontinue Day for the Crackberry.

I have to give him props though. My upgrade date was last week.  I still have my old phone (actually his old phone).  The flip phone that he got brand new in the summer of 2009.  I pathetically coveted that phone. Because it had a great keyboard and larger than normal screen.  Almost like a little mini laptop. I was stuck with the freebie phone that, even when it authentically got stolen, I HAD TO PAY $40 FREAKING BUCKS TO GET IT REPLACED!!!! But as soon as Big Daddy's first upgrade date came due, he cavalierly tossed aside the beautiful mini laptop for the Crackberry. And me and Mini have been very happy since.

But alas . . . Mini's warranty went out 6 months ago.  And it's as if the very life has slowly ebbed from Mini's lithium-ion polymer battery.  Mini shuts off in mid-text.  Mini shuts off with a full charge.  Mini shuts off during the wee hours of the night so that the alarm fails to wake me.

So . . . Mini is history.

Went online yesterday and for the low low low price of ZILCH (and an additional two year contract).

I am giddily expecting this little beauty to arrive some time next week!!!  OH! did I mention free shipping, too!??!!!!

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Simply Suthern said...

Seems like you did hit the lottery. Your Plan is working.

My wife has the Incredible from Verizon. I have a company flip phone from work so I steal hers as often as I can to play Angry Birds.