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Thursday, February 17

Whatever Makes Me Feel Good

Over on fb (facebook for those of you non-ADHD types who can actually wait to see what anyone is up to and you don't require instant gratification), a friend posted something about her husband's very special Valentine's Day gift to her.

He made a donation to her favorite charity in her honor.  I LOVE THAT!

We have been doing donations for our loved ones (adults and families, the kids still got some goods besides a Thank You for the donation card) at Christmas.  I mean, really.  At our age what could we possibly get that we don't already have?  Forget the big ticket items we all have on our "someday" list.  I'm talking about things that we really need or are reasonably nice that we would like to have.  Maybe I'm different but I don't like waiting for my birthday or anniversary to get what I want.  I get it when I decide I need to have it.  That part of my personality really pisses Big Daddy off. He says I ruin holidays for him. (Which is bullshirt because you can practically see the sparkles in his eyes when he's opening his own gifts.)

And in honor of Black Jack's (my Dad) 71st birthday yesterday, I made a donation to SPCA International for their No Buddy Gets Left Behind mission.  Black Jack lurves the puppy dogs.  And SPCA is very special to our hearts because our own Hanker Dawg was a rescue from the Hill Country SPCA in July 2002.  He is the second longest relationship Big Daddy has ever had. (First is me.)

So, the next time someone is celebrating a milestone or special occasion of any kind, a donation in their name to a worthwhile cause is ALWAYS a good choice.

Believe me . . . YOU'LL be feeling like the honored one.

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