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Saturday, February 5

Supermarket Aisle Rage

I have moaned and complained about the following issue almost every time I go to the grocery store that yesterday after my weekly grocery trip, Big Daddy said: "Blog about it."

Because we all know how blogging ultimately leads to resolution.

Here's my bitch: the majority of people who walk through the doors of our local food mart either leave all their manners at home or they never had any to begin with. As for the old folks, they apparently just used all theirs up because they are clean out, too.

If they're not parking their cart on one side of the aisle while standing in front of the shelves on the OTHER side of the aisle (thereby blocking the whole width of the aisle), then they are riding your ankles with their cart because you are shopping at a slower rate of speed than they feel is necessary.  Uh, sorry.  I didn't realize I'd signed up for Survivor: H.E.B.

Yesterday while I was in the frozen food section, I opened a freezer door to grab a couple of bags of broccoli and carrots. While I was BENT OVER some old lady pushes her cart right up against my ass so that once I stood up, I COULD NOT close the door without her backing up.  I literally turned in a circle to face her and gave her look like, "WTH? Do you mind?"  She ROLLED her eyes, huffed a breath, then pulled her cart back so I could get out and close the freezer door.

Un-freaking-believable. And those old shits expect us to treat them with respect.

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