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Wednesday, February 9


You know how kids will sometimes display a certain trait from an older family member? They'll have the same sense of humor or the same smile, etc?

The Bear has many sweet traits, some of which he inherited from my late Mom.  He also inherited one of her more annoying traits.

If he's awake, then ER'BODY better be awake.

I remember being in high school and working a part-time job that did not get me home until 10pm, some times later.  During the week, I still had to get up and be at school the next morning.  So when Saturday mornings rolled around, I really really really looked forward to sleeping in for a few hours.  When left completely alone with my bedroom door closed, I could easily stay asleep until 10 or 11 a.m.

Or so I thought.  I never really got the chance to see how late I could actually sleep.

Because my mother would inevitably come banging into my room at 7:30a.m. to start mowing the vacuum cleaner around my bed! Or she would be just outside my window with the weed whacker. One time she even started testing the smoke alarms with the main one outside my door in the hallway.  The woman barely allowed the sun to rise before she commenced her racket-inducing activities.

The Bear is completely like his Gomey in that respect. He is an early riser (if he sleeps til 8 a.m. it is noteworthy) and once he is awake, he is full bore AWAKE.  And any sleeping that continues after he wakes up will be stopped immediately!

Apparently I am not destined to be a late sleeper despite my numerous attempts.

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