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Tuesday, January 19

2010: The First Blog of a New Decade

I wish I had something exciting and interesting to blog about for the smancy title but . . . . nope. I got nothin.

I do have a few little tidbits that are floating around in my medicinal haze (Tylenol Flu):

Massachusetts' Senate Race - I am so sick (literally) and frickin tired of hearing the liberal gag-me media referring to the open senate seat as "Kennedy's seat." For the love of pete, IT IS NOT KENNEDY'S SEAT, YOU OBLIVIOUS LIBERAL MORONS!!!!! It is MASSACHUSETTS' Senate seat that WILL be decided by the CITIZENS OF MASSACHUSETTS!!!

(I love screaming in print, lots less coughing.)

Chuggingtons - Alas, another wonderful train-inspired cast of characters imported from Britian that the Bear is newly crazy about. Of course, it offers all manner of licensed paraphenalia to drain the parental units' wallets: DVDs, toys, books, clothing, etc.  And to be honest, I am enjoying it myself.

Haiti - I understand looting of food and clothing. I mean, come on, they lost everything. I do not understand the looting of home entertainment electronics because I'm guessing there are no available electrical outlets and, no walls for said outlets.

facebook - meh. I'm finding the same "clique-ness" out there as was prevalent in junior high and high school. Why bother with the friend requests? Oh. I see. It's all about the numbers.

I'm goin back to bed.

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