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Wednesday, August 12

Do as I SAY, Not as I do . . .

The whole healthcare reform debate has me concerned. For a lot of reasons.

The first being that socialized medicine more than pops the lock of the safe of our freedoms and constitutional rights. What, then, will that mean for my son and his children?

That concern is closely followed by the quality of care that we will have access to. I know Obamacare tells me that the quality of healthcare is not going to decline but honestly. Can they GUARANTEE me that the future of medical advancements and quality of care in our country is not going to be sacrificed in order to provide "care" to everyone? Will there still be funds to support research? support timely renovations and upgrades in medical facilities?

My third concern is what is truly going to be the fate of private insurance coverage? Will it be cut off at the knees by a government plan in order that cheap cost and mediocre care obliterate the more expensive and best care?

Will everyone really have access to care or will everyone just have access to overcrowded, understaffed government health facilities that only have only themselves to answer to when it comes to safety, cleanliness, etc?

And if Obamacare is so great and is the right thing to do, why can't it just stand on its own? Why are thousands of Americans vocalizing their opposition to it? Why are they demanding that their representatives ACTUALLY READ the proposition and answer legitimate questions? Why are vocal (not physical) opponents to Obamacare being beaten by SEIU members who were called out to quash such opposition? Why can't Obamacare supporters conduct their town hall meetings without encouraging their fellow supporters to effectively instigate riot mentalities?

Just thinking out loud . . .

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