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Wednesday, July 8

The path of least resistance . . .

is the path to least reward.

There are some people in my life who for whatever reason do not address their beliefs in the same way I do. When I feel strongly about something, I don't hide my opinions. If anything I share my opinions with just about anybody that will listen. So when someone tells me they feel one way about something and then sits down and shuts up because someone else will disagree, I'm confused and not just a little aggravated.

Now I'm not saying make your opinion on something your life's mission to force on everyone else. That's a whole different thing.

Certain events have transpired in my life that have created some uncomfortable situations with family members. One person has taken a completely unreasonable stance on a particular subject that has the rest of us crossing our eyes because at the most she is being incredibly selfish and destructive and at the very least she is being completely STUPID.

Maybe I am the one who is unreasonable here. But I say she needs to be confronted with all the facts, whether she likes them or not because hey! there are lots of facts about life that I don't like but that doesn't change them. Grow up! And once she is forced to see the facts and acknowledge that we all know the facts to be true, then the cards can fall where they may. Her happiness or unhappiness with the rest of her life is completely up to her. She is the only one that can control that and regardless of what anyone else tries to do, she cannot be protected from herself.

I don't like living with lies and I don't like being covert about someone I love or something wonderful in my life that she has chosen to be a complete asshole about.

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