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Thursday, June 25

Remembering Farrah

As we all know by now, Farrah Fawcett died earlier today from the cancer she has been fighting since 2006.

When I think of Farrah, it's not her unremarkable movies or even her guest spot on "Spin City" that I think of first. My first thoughts of Farrah go back some 30 years to her days as a "Charlie's Angel." If you were a girl, you wanted her beautiful fly-away blonde hair that always stayed perfectly tousled not matter how much bad-guy butt she kicked. If you were pre-pubescent boy, you had her famous red bikini poster tacked to your bedroom wall. Or, in the case of my older brother, on the ceiling directly above the bed. Ewwwww.

I remember playing "Charlie's Angels" with my friends on the playground and although I was always Sabrina (Kate Jackson's character) due to my short dark brown hair, it was always great fun to pretend that we would one day have the super cool white Mustang Cobra like Jill's. (Yeah, I know Sabrina drove the nerdy and putrid orange Ford Pinto but I was only willing to go so far to be true to character and I drew the line at the Pinto.)

If I remember right, Farrah's feathered hair started a serious hairstyle craze. Not unlike the one Jennifer Aniston started back in '96 or '97 with the "Rachel" haircut. Not only did I jump on the feathered bandwagon (that would last well into my high school years) but I did the Rachel, too. Apparently my hair knows not its own identity.

With Farrah's passing there is a whole generation of us who will be remembering times that we thought we had forgotten. Maybe "Charlie's Angels" was our first favorite show that we never missed. Maybe it was a first celebrity crush for the young guys. She was incredibly popular during a critical time in most of our young lives. She was who the girls wanted to grow up to be and she was who the boys wanted to grow up to date.

Rest in peace, Farrah.

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