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Tuesday, June 16

Apology Accepted

I know I may catch some flack about this from hardcore Letterman fans, which sometimes I understand his likability and other times I'm completely confounded by it, but I gotta put my two cents in. And I will pre-qualify my comments that yes, I am a Sarah Palin fan. I like her personality and her position on a lot of subjects. Plus I think she and Todd would be supercool to hang out with. She reminds me of some rowdy college girlfriends who have since aged and become wives and mothers but still know how to kick it.

Anyways, I was very happy to see a very humble Letterman offer up his apology to his millions of viewers. I'm very happy that he saw that the error was not in the very inappropriate joke about any young lady but the technicality that it was 14 year old Willow in NYC with her mother, not 18 year old Bristol. The joke was all around AWFUL but if he was determined to tell it, he should have made sure that his audience KNEW he was referring to an of-age young lady. Since he didn't, and everyone else was aware of Willow's presence in NYC, it was an all out perverted and sleazy thing for him to say. He appeared sincerely mortified at what he had done. And I appreciate his apology.

Now on to the issue that the joke speaks to: I am whole-heartedly behind Sarah Palin when she makes no secret that she is disgusted by the joke's content but also by the fact that that type of joke/comment/denigration seems to be so common an occurence in our society that we don't even flinch when we hear it. Have we become so de-sensitized that we cannot even be offended by the simple insinuation of child rape let alone a top rated television host making jokes about it?

Our country's moral compass has been swirling around in the crapper for more than a couple of decades, folks. It starts with us, as parents, as citizens, as voters, and as consumers. Let's put A LOT MORE effort into raising our children (and improving ourselves) to a better standard.

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