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Thursday, January 10

Getting Cut Off, Literally

Here's the news story.

Now here's my opinion. First, I have no problem with the government listening in on phone conversations of SUSPECTED CRIMINALS. Not just anybody but SUSPECTED CRIMINALS. And I have no problem with it when the authorities have PC (cop talk for PROBABLE CAUSE). Probable cause means that there is evidence of illegal activity. For example, it is ILLEGAL to drive an automobile that has an expired registration. Small potatoes, I know, but it serves the purpose for explanation. That expired registration sticker is PC for a patrol officer to pull you over and slap you with a ticket for not keeping your equipment properly registered.

Secondly, phone taps don't bother me because I have nothing illegal to hide. There are probably some personal issues I would not want to share with everyone but none that are illegal. I know, I know. It sounds as if I am all for "big brother" when that is not the case at all. But if we expect our law enforcement agencies to protect us and our property, why would we want to cut them off at the knees and not give them useful tools to use AGAINST THE CRIMINALS? Would we want to stop search warrants that uncover drug manufacturing labs and child pornography cellars? If you answer yes to that question you should probably click on to the next blog because me and you ain't gonna have anything to talk about civilly, my friend.

I know there are those out there who will start yammering about civil liberties and all the bullhockey that goes with it. I'm white and female and middle-class. The ACLU doesn't give a crap about me or my rights. As far as they're concerned, I have none and I need to shut up.

By the way, where is your ACLU when the drug dealer or kiddie porn perv is casing your kid's school playground?

P.S. FBI, pay yer damn bill!

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Lorraine said...

They didn't pay their bill????