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Friday, March 23

Okay . . . so here's the deal

I have been out of pocket and kind of flying around everywhere (literally and mentally) because I was offered a job last week. On Thursday at lunch. While I was getting into my truck to be exact.

Now while job offers are no small thing even in the most mundane of professions, this job offer constituted a pretty big deal. In my life. In my current employment. In my husband's elected position. In our church. Pretty much in our whole town.

I won't go into all the gorey details but I will put it in bullet point format for ease of understanding (mainly because bullet points make it easier for ME):
  • I currently work in our church office
  • I do not make much $$ and there are no health insurance or retirement benefits
  • I really love my job and the servant's posture it has allowed me to transition into
  • I do not make hardly any $$
  • New job pays A LOT
  • New job pays for mine and the Bear's health insurance
  • New job offers retirement fund
  • New job also employs someone who had an affair with a married person
  • That someone was also married at the time
  • Both couples are members of our church
  • Our town is very very very (did I mention) very small
  • Ergo there are the "teams" who have picked sides of the affair to be on
  • My husband is an ELECTED official
  • Certain people on the "teams" might perceive my acceptance of the new job as support for the affairees
  • New job is answer to prayer inasmuch as it pertains to income and benefits for my family
  • New job is something that my strengths would allow me to be really really good at
  • Did I mention how small our town is? If you don't already know someone it's because you're related to them.

So there you go. I am, of course, going to take the new job. It all feels "right" and maybe I am putting too much concern about the soap opera that has been front and center in our town for the past nine months into my deliberations. But my husband and I have tried very hard to walk the neutral line in our community. If we said it once, we said it one hundred times: "It is not our business and we are not going to speculate about ANYONE'S private lives."

See what I get for mentioning my life was uneventful?

I'm gonna try keeping my big yap shut for a while.


Dana said...

My husband is not an elected official, but he is a pastor, and thus I understand the lines you walk.
The biggest lesson I've learned is that keeping my trap shut goes a long way in the appearance of neutrality.

Also, playing the dumb blonde bit works, but I don't want to overdo it.

jLow said...

Yeah, I've tried doing the dumm blonde bit but my brunette hair tends to just give it an air of retardation instead of a cute lack of intelligence.

I'm actually thinking that if anyone tries to talk "gossip" with me, I'll just stick my fingers in my ears and say, "La la la la la . . . I no hear you!" That's professional, right?

Lorraine said...

If anyone can walk the tightrope that's just been strung in your front yard, it's you, babe. Go get 'em!