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Thursday, March 1

Not that brave yet

Do you have any posts sitting on your dashboard that you haven't posted yet? They're just sitting there in draft mode not quite ready for publish because you're not quite sure you're ready to put it out there. The subject matter might be just a little too hot, a little too controversial so you just click the draft button because, like me, once you typed it out you just weren't feeling quite that brave yet.

I just did another one of those. It's a pretty controversial topic and it's one of those that NO ONE wants to try to even find middle ground on. It cuts too close to home and the subject matter is an emotional one. If you're like me, if something appears remotely offensive to someone I care about, I'm ready to throw down on somebody, anybody. But if it is even completely offensive to me, I try (at least I hope I do) to get more information and more basis for the position. I'd like to think that I'm at least respectful of others' opinions even when I don't agree with them.

We have so many hot topics in our society these days: politics, war, religion, education, marriage, entertainment.

Like they say out here in Texas, "Swing a dead cat and you're gonna offend someone."


Lorraine said...


Eric said...

they prefer to be called Metabolically disfunctional cats

Liz said...

I have a couple in draft. I have a couple I'd like to write up, but it's not the time or place yet too for the reasons you explained. The topic at the moment is too hot, too controversial or could hurt someone. I hope to write when I get home, but sometimes once you're removed from something, the fire and need to share it or write about it goes away, but who knows. You have me curious now though, so if you ever get brave, I'll be reading!

jLow said...

Lady L - I know your wheels are a-burnin wondering what on earth I could possibly be talking about. Maybe I'll revise the post to be a little more diplomatic and less angry. Then I'll put it out there.

Eric - The felines can be sooo touchy!

Liz - You hit it on the head. I learned long ago that writing is very cathartic for me. It really helps me work stuff out through my fingertips instead of through my forked tongue.

JessnBekahsmom said...

Yeah, I try not to offend, but sometimes you gotta say what you gotta say. I like the posts you have done since writing this one. I, though, like you are pretty conservative. We probably have more in common than we realize! :-)

Keep posting the funnies!