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Tuesday, February 13

Everybody's got their Snickers in a Twist

I know I'm pretty tardy in posting about this topic since the Super Bowl was over a week ago, but this has been on my mind and I am just getting around to putting my opinion into words.

Apparently lots of folks got more than a little peeved about the Snickers commercial that aired during the big game. For some us, the commercials really are the best part (especially if our favored team isn't playing).

This particular commercial is getting flack because two polar opposite groups found it offensive. The homophobes were offended because it showed two guys eating the same candy bar and quasi-kissing. The gay community was offended because after the quasi-kiss, the two guys voiced the need to "do something manly."

Okay, while I understand the affront taken by both positions that have been reported by the media, I don't side with either of them. I'm with the third group that wasn't even given voice about this particular issue.

I'm with the group that thinks it was just a crappy commercial all the way around.


Liz said...

While we were fortunate enough to watch the super bowl live at 230am, the super bowl commercials ya'll saw back in the states do not get aired over the Armed Forces Network. We were subjucated to the quasi-propoganda commercials that my coworker born and bred in Belarus says reminds him of the commercials aired back in the USSR. So, I missed all the hype. Seems someone is always getting offended.

Lorraine said...

Crappy and stupid. (Great headline, btw).

gina said...

I am in the same group as you, JLow. Crappy and stupid.

gina said...

Well....not that we're in the crappy and stupid group. Doh! The commercial was crappy and stupid, and making a big to-do over it just gave it more credibility than it deserved. Phew! Glad we got that straightened out.

Seattle Coffee Girl said...

Carpy and stupid, amen.