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Tuesday, January 2

Old Age Relief Settling In on Me

Apparently I am older than I originally thought. According to realage.com I am 39.8 instead of 39.5 - what a bunch of hooey. I guess the exercise and no smoking, no drinking thing ain't gonna keep me young and healthy like I had been duped into believing.

But now that the holidays and festivities are over, I have to admit it.


I hate to be such a pooper but dadgum! It takes a lot out of us old folk (those of us 39.8 and older) to handle all the preparations and such that go with celebrations. I had a friend (mid-30s male) tell me the other day that he missed the days when his life was so perfect and everything was the way it was supposed to be: i.e. Momma and Daddy made sure he had great Christmases and birthdays, etc. which included no input or exertion on his part whatsoever. oh wah frakkin wah! big baby

But now I have a whole new appreciation for all the crap and headaches that my Mom must have dealt with when I was kid.

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Lorraine said...

No kidding.