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Monday, January 29

"Good-bye" for Now

I didn't hear the news until just now - Hubby is in San Antonio at a lawman conference and he text'd me to let me know.

I didn't know Barbaro personally but I know his kind. If you've never owned a horse or even been around them, it's hard to explain the personalities and incredible spirits that these animals possess. When Barbaro's life-threatening injury first occurred last year, I kept a watchful eye on his prognosis and recovery. Silly as it may sound to some, I included Barbaro on my prayer list. His disposition in the face of painful adversity was inspiring and a lesson to those of us who face much lesser obstacles in our lives. He was literally fighting for his life.

My aunt has an Appaloosa named Boomer, he's about 12 years old now. His bloodline can be traced back to Secretariat. When he was 4 years old, Boomer was diagnosed with a degenerative equine optic disease. My aunt was given the choice of having him put down or having his eyes removed. She chose the latter. He was young and strong and, except for the bad eyes, he was a terrific young horse with a lot of potential. When asked why she chose to make him blind, my aunt answered, "I know him and being blind was not going to be an obstacle for him. He is just too happy to be here to even consider ending his life."

My aunt and uncle live on about 60 acres in central Wisconsin. The front part of their property is flat with the barn and corral near the house. The back 50 acres dips down into a valley with a 3 foot wide path going down into it.

Boomer knows every inch of the place. He is one of the most awesome horses I've ever met - his spirit is absolutely incredible.

So was Barbaro's.

I am saddened that Barbaro's story has ended the way that it has but I am grateful for him that his owners loved him so much that they were willing to spend a small fortune to get him the best possible veterinary care and then, with all options exhausted, they chose to give him peace.

Rest in peace, dear Barbaro.

You will be missed.


Eric said...

Oddly enough when I was listening to the news about this I thought of you guys.
Nice tribute

Seattle Coffee Girl said...

Such a great post, thank you! The whole thing makes me so sad; thank you for articulating something I didn't know how to put into words!

Barbaro will, indeed, be missed...