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Monday, January 8

Ding Dong! The Cowboys are OUT!!

I seriously loves hatin me some Dallas Cowboys football. There are few things that give me devilish glee like the All-Time Overpaid Showboating Gold Toofus Doofuses losing a game or, better yet, making it to the playoffs only to be DENIED!

Now, you're probably saying, "But jLow, you're a born and bred Texan. You're supposed to be a Cowboys fan."

You'd think.

But there is a history. Several years ago I moved to Dallas from the sticks to make the big bucks. I hopped on the "Dallas Fans Bandwagon" where all members displayed their team loyalties to the Cowboys, the Stars, the Mavs, and the Rangers. I don't really care for basketball. Okay, I don't like basketball period. As for baseball, I don't care what team you're rooting for: nothing beats sitting in a killer stadium on a beautiful spring day while someone else delivers your hotdogs and beer right to your chair! I definitely caught the hockey bug with the Stars (formerly the Minnesota Northstars) when they moved to Dallas in the early 90s. As for the Cowboys, my Dad was fan and my brother was a fan and my first boyfriend in Dallas was a fan so it was pretty much be a fan or be alone. But somewhere around 1995 or 1996, the Cowboy players were getting into all their "extra-curricular activities." I don't care how many United Way commercials a player shoots, if he has a habit of breaking the law - in my mind he's a loser. There was Erik Williams' one-car demolition on the tollway that he walked away from (meaning he left the scene of the accident - disposable Mercedes), Leon Lett's and Michael Irvin's illegal drug habits, and Deion Sanders' undignified strutting around in suits that could have only come from Pimps R Us. Okay, so what Deion did wasn't illegal. But it shoulda been. After all that, I was sick of 'em. Add to it that I have extremely disliked Jerry Jones from the minute I found out about him. He's a sleazeball who thinks money should make people immune to the rules that the rest of us live by.

And one Sunday as fate would have it, I was flipping through the channels (my first season with DirecTV's NFL Pass) when I came across a New England Patriots game. Despite the fact that Boston is one of my very favorite places, I found myself really enjoying watching these guys play. I was only familiar with Drew Bledsoe but that may have been due to geographic sports reporting. I felt like I was watching a football team playing a game they loved and that they truly wanted to win for the sake of winning. Afterwards, (they did win) Bledsoe was interviewed and one other guy (can't remember who now) but they were both so humble and gracious. My decision was made - I had found my team.

Several years have passed since that time and half of the team has retired or been traded. Let's not even talk about Bledsoe moving to the Cowboys. It has been one of my biggest heartbreaks as a football fan. That and Ty Law going to Kansas City (what the heck has KC accomplished? nada).

So, yes, I do take a lot of pleasure in seeing the Cowboys denied another opportunity to go to the Big Show. Whenever they win they act like they're the only ones to ever win the SuperBowl. I'm tellin you - the Cowboys suck.

This year I'm hoping my Patriots make it all the way. Because the ride is even better when the team is playing football and not playing for the cameras.


Lorraine said...

Couldn't agree more with your general principle about overpaid showboaters/criminals vs playing for the love of the game. Too little of the latter exists in any sport these days.

I have hereby decided that once the Seahawks are eliminated (and they've had a checkered enough season to make that very possible) I will root for the Patriots with you. Just 'cuz.

Liz said...

I'm with you.. my grandpa despises the cowboys for the same reasons you mentioned. However, I am a born and bred Chicago girl and my first football memories are the bears doing the super bowl shuffle in 85. My least favorite team at the moment would have to be the colts, mostly because of peyton manning who is incredibly conceited and a blatant glory hound. I look forward to the next few weekends!

Go Bears!