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Thursday, January 25

The brainpan must've sprung a leak

. . . because I've got nothing to post about. The icy weather is over (for now) and it is a balmy 77 degrees and sunshiny out there right now.

The Bear is well. Still ornery, but well.

The Hubby is well also.

The SuperBowl is not for another week.

Went to the dentist yesterday. No cavities and my tooth shade is A1 which means professional whitening will not make much difference. That rocks.

NetFlix sent me "The Black Dahlia" dvd with a big old scab on it so it wouldn't play.

Amazon is taking for frigging ever to get my books to me that I ordered early last week.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday and we have a Rodeo Association meeting at lunch. I need something fun to finish out this week.

I think tonight would be a perfect opportunity to break out the instant margarita mix for happy hour at Muddy Feet Farms. Cause I definitely need the attitude adjustment.

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Lorraine said...

Muddy Feet Farms? Classic.

Oh, and I was reading the January "Vanity Fair" and there's a mention of Hubby. Not by name, unfortunately and it was in reference to Katie Couric and the stupid fuzzy slipper thing she did at the end of the piece aired on the CBS Evening News. But still.